Google Trusted Stores, can it benefit my store?

What is Google Trusted Stores?

Google Trusted Stores is a free program that sends a positive signal to consumers that your store is a reputable one to deal with. Merchants benefit from a boost in credibility which hopefully leads to increased sales. Indeed, anecdotal reports claim conversion rates lifting 10-15% after being approved for the program.

How does it work?

Google Trusted stores is an opt-in program whereby both store owner and customer must actively choose to participate.

Store participation is not without effort although the requirements for approval were recently reduced making the whole thing much simpler than at launch of the program. After registering for Google Trusted Stores and defining policies for delivery, returns and customer service we place some code throughout the site to send transactional data back to Google. Once these codes have been verified by Googles automated workflow the store enters a 30-90 day qualification period whereby customers are invited to partake in the program at the completion of their order. This is purely opt-in and customers are incentivised to join by guarantee of up to $1000 refund in the event a dispute cannot be resolved. By opting in customers will be invited to leave a review to feedback to the store on customer service and delivery experiences.

On qualifying for the program the store will be awarded the trusted stores badge which sits discreetly at the bottom of each page on the store’s website. Here customers are able to click to read previous customer reviews, thereby developing a deeper sense of whether they should trust the store or not. Our observations are that most stores accepted into the program end up with a rating of 4 or more stars, thereby winning trust of new users quickly.

In the event of a dispute or issue, customers are encouraged to resolve directly with the the store. Given the incentive of the store owner to remain in the program you’d expect most issues to be resolved quickly and with minimal fuss. If for some reason not, customers can at a click, escalate the dispute with Google.

When in doubt, watch the video.

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