WIT and Code4 join forces


As of July 1 2017, WIT Media has joined forces with Code4.

What does this change for you?

Hopefully, not much. As we already share our hosting resources, collaborate on most projects and spend quite a bit of time working together, the only change will be that Code4 will appear on any new invoices, so not much of a difference at all.

Tom will still be contactable via the same details you have (email, phone, carrier pigeon) and in addition to being able to contact Tom, Dan will also become a point of contact (details below).

Your website will remain in exactly the same place it already is, there will be zero changes needed there.

Tom is still here, Dan is here as well, business as usual with one slight change being that WIT will now trade as Code4.

This is exciting for us, and we hope also for you.


Tom and Dan

Tom Brennan
tom@code4.com.au (tom@witmedia.com.au will continue to work)
0413 44 44 39

Dan Miles:
1300 26 33 40