Your website at LiteSpeed

Rarely are performance gains as significant as this even possible

In our eternal quest to make the websites we host run ever faster, we recently discovered the blazingly fast web-server by Litespeed Technologies. Remarkably our testing of the server improved page load times of between 40% and 60%, so whereby a page may have taken 4 seconds to load was now taking on average just 2 seconds, truly astonishing. Particularly improved were pages running over HTTPS, which as you know we’re a fan of using.

Not without additional cost we were so blown away by the results of our testing that the relatively small cost was quickly justified. And so as of March 1, all websites hosted on our Linux platform are now running at LiteSpeed.

Naturally we’re still in search of further mechanisms to make your site run even faster, but for now we trust this is a solid step forward.